Revolutionize Urban Traffic.
flott – Your On-Demand Mobility Platform

It’s time to redefine local transportation.
Static routes and schedules are a thing of the past. Our tailored mobility platform empowers traditional players to introduce digital technology and enables them to connect with their customers. Within weeks, not years.

flott – Key Features

Easy to use

One tap and a flott shuttle is at your service. Your professional driver picks you up at your location and gets you where you need to go. This includes live tracking, push notifications and cashless payment.

Intelligent routing & pooling

Our proprietary algorithms calculate the best route on demand and match the passenger conveniently with others going the same way.

Automated disposition & controlling

Through automatic deployment of vehicles we achieve efficient utilization and minimize costs. The operator mode enables the supervision of supply and demand as well as trip management.

Flexible customizing

Our system can be fully white-labeled to blend in with your corporate design and existing user interface. We also provide interfaces for fleet management, payment providers and other services.

Multiple operating modes

Whether from door-to-door or from station-to-station: you can choose different types of operating modes and thus respond directly to different customer needs.

Ready for autonomous

flott is the foundation to implement a fleet of self-driving vehicles. Create the infrastructure for intelligent, fully autonomous city traffic in your region – in weeks, not years.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Big data simulation

Based on a detailed simulation model, we can define the mobility demand in your target area prior to launch. Operating hours and areas, as well as the exact number of required shuttles will be determined.

Precise live statistics

Get to know your customers and their mobility habits. Use customer segmentation and define the most profitable areas to identify key differentiators and gain powerful insights. Personalize city transport, grow your customer base and speed up your processes.

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We offer the perfect mix of software development, data science, user experience design, business development, marketing and entrepreneurship. Our well-balanced team is able to establish flott in your target market – within weeks, not years. Agile, interdisciplinary, disruptive.
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